Non Invasive Treatment


CPAP therapy is considered the gold standard to treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This also is the least complicated and the most effective form of therapy.

CPAP is a device developed to be quiet, portable, easy to use and effective.

An example of a CPAP mask that you may be fit with

Continous Prevention

With OSA, the obstruction that develops can lead to dangerously low levels of oxygen in the blood. To counteract this, positive airway pressure or PAP is applied throughout the night to overcome the obstructive. The ‘C’ stands for continuous – as the device applies a gentle continuous pressure throughout the night, thus preventing the great majority of obstructions from occurring.

No More Snoring

CPAP will eliminate any form of snoring the first night it is placed on. See video below that explains more about CPAP therapy.

Meet the AirMini

The sleep therapy solution for mobile individuals:

  • Features the same proven ResMed device algorithms
  • ActiveAir™ technology allows it to be small, quiet and comfortable
  • Effective waterless humidification for portable convenience*
  • Convenient control with the AirMini app
  • Premium travel bag and accessories for therapy on the go

Are you having a tough time to sleep? Do you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? If the answer to both these question is “yes”, then it is recommended that you go for CPAP therapy. This is the best solution to have a good night’s sleep.


Here are some benefits of CPAP therapy –

  • You will feel more alert and awake
  • Your high blood pressure will be under control
  • Your risk of various cardiovascular problems will reduce
  • You risk of stroke will reduce
  • You can keep your mind sharper for long
  • Your risk of getting diabetes will reduce


Why get CPAP therapy from us?

We have a team of experienced professionals who know their work well. We understand all the aspects of CPAP therapy and how to use the CPAP machine. We make sure that our client is comfortable wearing the mask and that the mask fits perfectly. We strive to make our clients happy. And seeing our clients getting back their sleep is like a blessing to us. We will be there for you in every step of the ways and monitor your progress continually. We work towards giving you an improved quality of life. Want to get in touch with us? Contact us today.

How Well Are You Sleeping?

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