About Us


How we accomplish this:

Education:  You will be provided with the most up to date resources and research about sleep apnea, treatment options, and ongoing support.

Medical:  We will offer you medical  solutions through treatment devices. Our promise is to find products that work and keep working optimally for you.

Space: We take pride in our clinic on being a comfortable and welcoming space, equipped with the most up to date technology.

Staff: Our staff that is up to date through continuing education and who are passionate about helping patients achieve a better standard of living

Community: Doing work within the community to give back through initiatives that both educate and empower.

Communication: We listen so that we are able to address all your concerns and make the necessary changes to improve your care and our service to you.


  • Raiyan Chowdhury
    Raiyan Chowdhury MD, FRCSC

    Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Critical Care Medicine, Clinical Lecturer, University of Alberta

    As a medical liaison Dr. Chowdhury has extensive background in sleep apnea and has performed surgery on many patients who have been diagnosed with sleep disordered breathing. Being a ENT surgeon and an Intensive Care Physician, Dr. Chowdhury provides ample medical knowledge for patient care and practice.

    • Danny Abilmona
      Danny Abilmona Director of Operations, BSc. RRT

      As our Respiratory Therapist, Danny brings knowledge and skill into the sleep clinic. With experience in Intensive Care at the Royal Alexandra hospital, and as an Emergency Respiratory Therapist at the Northeast Medical Centre, Danny provides an ideal knowledge base for the clinical setting.

      • Dr. C.S. Carter
        Dr. C.S. Carter MD, FRCSC

        Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

        • Dr. Andrew Morrissey
          Dr. Andrew Morrissey Associate Doctor, BSc MD, FRCSC

          General Otolaryngology Facial Cosmetics Surgery

          • Heather Kellock
            Heather Kellock RRT

            Heather comes from an extensive home care background and has specialized in sleep care previously. She comes to Aria MD Sleep Centre with valuable knowledge and experience, seamlessly integrating clinical practice and patient care.

            • Jorden McGonigal
              Jorden McGonigal LPN
              Jorden graduated from the Practical Nurse Program at Norquest College in 2014. She has a diverse nursing background; previously working on Medicine Units, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Postpartum. Sleep Medicine is a new area but Jorden has an obvious  passion for education and helping people live up to their best standard of living, making her a vital part of our team. “I am very compassionate and devoted to caring for my patients. I always ensure they feel comfortable and that they receive the utmost health care possible.”
              • Nadia Coveyduck
                Nadia Coveyduck Medical Office Assistant

                Nadia, received her Medical Office Assistant degree from Robertson College. She has a great passion for learning new things and helping to keep our patients happy, so she fit right into our team from day 1!  ”Working for Aria definitely opened my eyes to how crucial CPAP can impact someone’s life, and I’m dedicated to providing excellent service for all the lovely patients we deal with on a day to day basis.

                We Believe That Each And Every Patient Deserves More Than The Very Best In Care, Not Only In Their Medical Treatment, But In Their Interaction With Staff And Their Overall Experience At Our Clinic.