Inspiring sleep health day and night, to enrich your quality of life

Our goal at Aria MD Sleep Centre is to provide each patient an improved understanding of their sleep health. We want to create an environment where sleep health is better understood through educating, teaching, and support when needed. Sleep is a complex naturally recurring state of mind. Although there is large debate as to the purpose and mechanism of sleep, we can agree that a well-rested night allows us to recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish our system so we can operate at a high capacity for the following day.

We strive to help you better understand your sleep health and treat you when deemed appropriate. Our focus for sleep disordered breathing is snoring and sleep apnea. This ‘mechanical’ issue is concentrated on the tissue collapsing partially (snoring) or fully (apnea) and blocking fresh oxygen flow into our system. When this occurs our brain is disrupted, and our normal sleep cycle is affected. By treating the collapsing tissue, we prevent the disruption in our sleep cycle, and in turn have a well-rested night.

How Well Are You Sleeping?

Below you will find a quick quiz that you can take to find out how well you are sleeping and whether you may need to see one of our sleep specialists. The quiz will touch on different scenarios and assess your likelihood of whether further testing is required. Take the quiz and see how well you are sleeping!